The Story

Every bonnet has a story!

This is our story - the one I'll pass on to my daughter one day.

Back in 1982 a little girl was born in the former DDR in Eastern Germany. She wore bonnets often. When she grew out of them they were placed along side other clothes from her childhood, in a box - to be given to her when she herself has children one day.

In early 2012 shortly after our move to O'ahu, Hawaii items from this very box arrived at our home. My mom selected a few pieces she kept from my childhood and shared them with me once again for the arrival of our second child. My first born son wore a few rompers, t-shirts and, sweaters while he was an infant. This time however, she shipped vintage dresses and two bonnets. We didn’t know what gender our new baby would be, but from the start these bonnets and a vintage picture of a girl sitting on a farm fence appealed to me.

I started to study how the bonnets were made, designed a pattern, and sewed two of them. I continued to sew for the arrival of our new child and the bonnets were worn by my childhood doll sitting in the playroom. Now, fast forward to January 2013 - the birth of our daughter.

Around 6 weeks was when I first tried one of the previously sewn bonnets on her and immediately loved the look. Light fabrics, protection from the sun, and especially her ears and head during those first months adjusting to life outside the womb. At twelve weeks I designed another from an organic Japanese cotton print and kept going adjusting the size according to her growth. Along that way was when I realized how long the bonnets fit and how practical they became in our lives.

Seeing my daughter grow up with a bonnet started its own little story. The one I would tell others who saw her and asked - but most importantly the one that shaped itself along the way. The vintage dresses, bonnets, and clothes my mom kept mean SO much.

What we did in the past was of great quality, treasured, and passed on. It wasn't about materialism and consumerism but about covering babies and children's heads from the elements of our earth. A child in a bonnet brings back memories for the older generation - I can tell by their comments and their gentle smile when they see my daughter hop and skip along a nature trail. It isn't as much about style as it is about practicality. Girls and boys were dressed in clothing that allowed them to explore the world around them in a comfortable way.

Yes, these bonnets taught me a lot these past few years. And I would love to share them with you. I hope you can pass on this and your own bonnets' story to your child one day - and let it inspire you in your own way.

Less consumerism - More Nature - Comfortable and high quality natural Clothing

All bonnets are handmade by myself in the evening hours after my children are asleep. I only make a few every other month to share. Furthermore, a big support is my husband who, in order to allow for bonnet sewing and all my creative work, takes our children to museums, parks, and events to allow these special creations to be made on sunny quiet mornings with a cup of fresh brewed tea in my home studio.

Each bonnet you purchase supports our family in our creative endeavors. In addition to sewing bonnets I teach waldorf doll, sewing, and community building workshops in my area. We strive to make building a strong self-sufficient community a priority in our lives.

Thank you for your support!!!